Thursday, July 21, 2011

No make up, no retouching.

Girls, you don't need make up to look fantastic. Photographers, you don't need to retouch to get nice photos. If you're really concerned just overexpose a little bit.

P.S - It helps when the subject is really pretty sans makeup.


  1. This is beautiful. You and Zephyr always make beautiful photos. I agree photographers don't need to retouch all the time. Sometimes the best photos are the ones with the smallest lighting alterations or none at all. I'm an illustrator/ photographer myself and try to get all my lighting perfect so i have no need to retouch, although sometimes i need to the slightest.
    x x x

  2. Thanks.

    I guess it depends how you define 'retouch'. I mean I used lightroom to get the white balance and contrast etc right. But I don't really think the whole clone stamp, dodge and burn, flattening of skin texture etc is neccesary. It kind of creates this false realtiy/standard of beauty that kind of sucks.

  3. I have to agree completely, the clone/ dodge/ burn stamps shouldn't be needed and the flattening of the skin just makes the model look like a barbie doll. while balancing the white and contrast- simple readjustments are more natural and can create beautiful images